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A Defensive Driving Course Sunshine Coast Motorists Trust

The RATE Program (Road and Traffic Education Program) is a defensive driving course Sunshine Coast motorists trust. The RATE Program has been created to meet the requirements of Australian roads and courts, ensuring participants are prepared to drive safely and effectively in their area. 

This course can be beneficial to any motorist looking to improve their driving abilities. But, it can be especially beneficial to those who may have recently experienced a lapse in judgment leading to a minor to a serious traffic offence.

This defensive driving course can be used as part of defending a case in court. The RATE Program recognises both the possibility and benefits of reflection and improvement. This course will help you to share that you’ve reflected on previous actions and that you’re dedicated to becoming a safer driver.

Benefits of a Defensive Driving Course

The Sunshine Coast is constantly growing. And with it, the roads are changing for drivers too. This online defensive driving course is designed to ensure you will be as responsible and conscientious as you can be on the roads. 

If you’re facing a traffic offence, this defensive driving course may help in:

  • Showing your dedication to becoming a safer driver
  • Reducing penalties for traffic offences
  • Keeping your license

Upon course completion, proof will be provided for court presentation. 

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Choosing this Defensive Driving Course

RATE Program is an online defensive driving course Sunshine Coast motorists rely on to become safer, more cautious drivers. In just a few short modules, this course is designed to offer a balance of both flexibility and practical benefits. 

In just five hours, motorists will be able to finish all modules at a time and place of their choosing. Each of these modules will provide tactics and insights into improving driving habits and growing a better understanding of the roads we drive on. 

Why Sunshine Coast Drivers Choose RATE Program

Education and relevance: This is a defensive driving course built for Australian roads and laws making it the right fit for Sunshine Coast motorists. The modules across this online course are designed to prepare drivers for realistic driving scenarios and to enable them to be safer drivers on the roads around them.

Convenience: The RATE Program is designed to be as convenient as possible while maintaining its effectiveness in both legal defence and long-term safety on roads. Being an online course, it can be completed from the comfort of your home and at whatever time is convenient to you. This means that if your license is currently suspended, or you’re not up to driving, you can still complete the course.

Court recognition: If you are defending your traffic offences, this defensive driving course may be able to help. The RATE Program is designed to show a participant’s willingness to reflect on previous driving behaviours and to become a safer motorist in the future. 

Affordability: This course is competitively priced at just $225 to be as inclusive as possible.

Access to support: As well as the course’s ability to teach drivers positive habits, the RATE Program team can extend assistance to upcoming court appearances, guiding you to legal professionals where required.

Enrol and Complete this Course Online

In just a few short steps, Sunshine Coast drivers can complete this defensive driving course to assist in defending citations, preserving driving records, and ensuring auto insurance premiums remain unaffected.

Step 1: Register for Rate Program

Step 2: Submit your verification documents

Step 3: Make Payment

Step 4: Complete your course

Step 5: Give your certificate of completion to your lawyer/the court

Choosing the Road and Traffic Education Program is your roadmap to becoming a better, safer driver on Sunshine Coast roads and others across the country.

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