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A Defensive Driving Course for Launceston Drivers

The Road and Traffic Education Program (RATE Program) is a defensive driving course that Launceston motorists can rely on for effective motoring skills and positive driving behaviour. Totalling just five hours, this traffic education program benefits a wide range of drivers, from L platers to experienced motorists facing traffic offences. The RATE Program is tailored for Australian road and traffic laws seen in Launceston, preparing you for realistic driving scenarios and helping you make safer decisions in the future.

If you’re charged with a traffic offence, completing the course demonstrates your commitment to safer driving. If you need to defend a charge, you can present your proof of completion to the court, showing your dedication to becoming a more conscientious driver. This may lead to reduced penalties and the retention of your licence.

  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive proof to present to the court for representation.
  • Competitively priced at just $225

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How Can This Defensive Driving Course Help Launceston Motorists?

The RATE Program is an online defensive driving course for Launceston drivers, helping them become more vigilant and safer on the road. The five-hour course covers essential topics for everyday driving, risks, and important points to be aware of while travelling.

Understanding that every driver has a unique schedule, the RATE Program is designed to be flexible. It is suitable for those who may not yet have their licences or are facing temporary suspension. You can enrol online and complete the course at your own pace and convenience. The course allows you to start, pause, and resume as needed.

The defensive driving course is divided into three video modules, each focusing on driving safety, enhancing driving habits, and understanding road safety.

Why Launceston Drivers Prefer the RATE Program

Education: Tailored for Australian roads and driving conditions, the RATE Program educates drivers on road laws specific to Launceston and Tasmania, as well as across Australia.

Convenience: The RATE Program is entirely online, making it accessible for those without a licence or facing a suspension. You can complete it from home at your convenience.

Court Recognition: Completing this defensive driving course can be beneficial if you are facing traffic charges. The RATE Program emphasises reflection and improving driving habits, and a certificate of completion demonstrates your commitment to safer driving.

Affordability: At $225.00, the RATE Program is a cost-effective way to improve your driving skills and maintain your licence.

Support: In addition to the defensive driving course, the RATE Program can connect you with traffic lawyers or criminal solicitors if you need assistance with upcoming court appearances.

Enrol Online and Complete the Defensive Driving Course

In only a few short steps, this defensive driving course could help reduce traffic charges, preserve your record, and help you become a safer driver for years to come.

Step 1: Register for RATE Program

Step 2: Submit your verification documents

Step 3: Make Payment

Step 4: Complete your course

Step 5: Give your certificate of completion to your lawyer/the court

Choosing the Road and Traffic Education Program is your roadmap to becoming a better, safer driver across Launceston and roads across Tasmania.

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