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The Defensive Driving Course Perth Motorists Trust

The RATE Program (Road and Traffic Education Program) is a defensive driving course Perth motorists can take to help improve road safety awareness. This course is particularly helpful for Perth drivers who might be up against traffic offences, as it can be used to help make a strong case in court.

Whether you’ve made a minor error or a more serious driving offence, RATE emphasises the importance of self-reflection, learning from your experiences, and making sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Considering the dynamic roads around Perth and the unpredictable traffic conditions of Australia, it’s critical to know what it takes to drive safely.

Taking this course does more than just teach you about safer driving. It’s a testament to your willingness to turn over a new leaf. By completing the RATE Program, you show the court that you’re serious about being a safer, more conscientious driver, which could help in lightening fines or keeping your licence.

  • At the end of the course, you’ll get a certificate to present in court.
  • All for a competitive price of $225.00.

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How Does This Defensive Driving
Course Benefit Perth Drivers?

The RATE Program is a locally tailored online defensive driving course Perth drivers can use if they may have slipped up behind the wheel. With a total duration of 5 hours, the course is designed to be flexible, giving participants the ability to learn at their own speed.

Broken down into three main video modules, the course goes in-depth into essential driving safety strategies, offering insights into improving driving behaviour and understanding the core concepts of road safety.

Why Perth Drivers Rely on the RATE Program

  • Educational Value: Learn defensive driving techniques specifically adapted to Perth’s unique road conditions, to ensure you’re well-equipped for any on-road situation.
  • Flexible Access: Being an online program, it’s accessible from the comfort of your home or any preferred location, at a time that works best for you.
  • Court Recognition: If you’re facing court proceedings for a traffic offence, completing the RATE Program can significantly influence the court’s decision in your favour. It serves as a strong indicator of your determination to improve and your commitment to safer driving habits.
  • Cost-Effective: With a fee of just $225.00, it represents a wise investment in your driving future in Perth.

Ongoing Support: Beyond the course, RATE Program offers assistance with upcoming court dates related to driving offences, and can also point you towards legal experts if needed.

Enrol Now in RATE Program, a Perth Defensive Driving Course

Following a few straightforward steps, this Perth defensive driving course could help you avoid the consequences of traffic violations.

  • Step 1: Register for Rate Program
  • Step 2: Submit your verification documents
  • Step 3: Make Payment
  • Step 4: Complete your course
  • Step 5: Give your certificate of completion to your lawyer/the court

Choosing the Road and Traffic Education Program is your roadmap to becoming a more adept driver in Perth.

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