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A Defensive Driving Course Adelaide Drivers Choose

The RATE Program (Road and Traffic Education Program) is a defensive driving course Adelaide motorists trust. The course has been designed with Australian roads in mind, helping any driver to make smarter, safer decisions on the road. 

This defensive driving course can be especially useful for Adelaide individuals who may be facing traffic law charges as it can be used as part of defending a case in court. Whether you’ve experienced a momentary lapse in judgment that has caused a minor or more serious offence, the RATE Program acknowledges the benefits of reflection. This course will help you learn how to ensure these lapses in judgment don’t occur again.

With Adelaide and its surrounding roads changing every year, this defensive driving course’s priority is to ensure motorists are ready to be safer, more conscious drivers. Completing this online program will help show that you’re dedicated to this mission too. It could also help to aid your case in reducing penalties for traffic offences you might be facing, and in keeping your license. 

  • Upon course completion, proof will be provided for court presentation.
  • Competitively Priced at $225.00

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How Can This Defensive Driving Course Help Adelaide Drivers?

The RATE Program is an online defensive driving course Adelaide motorists can use to help become safer, more conscientious drivers. Just a few modules that take five hours to complete, this course is structured to help offer flexibility. Adelaide drivers can learn at their own pace in a space they’re most comfortable. 

This defensive driving course is separated into three video modules, exploring driving safety tactics and offering insights into improving driving habits and understanding road safety.

Why Adelaide Drivers Trust RATE Program

Education: The RATE Program has been designed for Australian roads. This defensive driving course helps to educate Adelaide drivers to be more prepared for realistic driving situations.

Convenience: As a short, online defensive driving course, the RATE Program can be completed at both a convenient time and place. This is particularly beneficial for drivers who may be facing a temporary license suspension or if their vehicle is damaged.

Court Recognition: If you’re facing traffic charges that are being heard in a courtroom, completing this defensive driving course can help in defending your case. It can act as an indication of change, showing your reflection on your previous driving and your dedication to becoming a safer motorist in the future.

Affordability: Priced at just $225.00, it’s an investment safeguarding your driving journey in Adelaide.

Support: Beyond the course’s confines, the RATE Program can extend assistance with upcoming court appearances, guiding you to recommended legal professionals if required.

Enrol Online and Complete the Defensive Driving Course

In just a few steps, this defensive driving course can potentially assist in negating traffic citations, preserving driving records, and ensuring auto insurance premiums remain unaffected.

Step 1: Register for the Rate Program

Step 2: Submit your verification documents

Step 3: Make payment

Step 4: Complete your course

Step 5: Give your certificate of completion to your lawyer/the court

Choosing the Road and Traffic Education Program is your roadmap to becoming a better, safer driver on Adelaide roads.

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