Several traffic offences can leave you without a licence. These include drink or drug driving, dangerous driving, or driving whilst disqualified. Disqualification periods may range from a few months or a few years depending on the offence and severity of the offence. But there are ways to get your licence back quicker after disqualification.

Some traffic offences carry harsh penalties, including the loss of your driver’s licence and jail in some circumstances. It is recommended to obtain a traffic lawyer who can help you navigate the situation and achieve the best possible outcome. They can provide you with information and advice, and can also give you information about the likely penalties you’re facing.

Many factors can influence penalties for traffic offences, including your traffic history, facts of the offence, and any mitigating circumstances that can be put before the Court. Mitigating circumstances are factors that lessen the severity or culpability of an act. These can include but are not limited to; age, mental health, lack of a prior criminal record, and steps taken to alleviate future offending.

If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence that includes a disqualification period, it is important when appearing before the Court to demonstrate acceptance of the act/ remorse, and steps taken to better educate yourself to ensure you will not commit such offences in the future.

This can be done through a traffic education program such as the Road and Traffic Education (RATE) Program. Where you will see lectures from a Psychologist, a Criminal and Traffic Lawyer, and also a Crash Investigation Expert. There are several interactive modules on topics including; drink/ drug driving, crash statistics, road safety, the Fatal 5 killers on our roads, decision making and the law.

The Court can take your attendance of such a program into consideration when handing down their Sentence and may provide a reduction in the penalty they were otherwise to impose.