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The Defensive Driving Course Brisbane Can Rely On

The RATE Program (Road and Traffic Education Program) is the online defensive driving course Brisbane motorists prefer. Created especially for individuals who have faced traffic law complications, this program can help drivers defend themselves in court.

Whether it’s a minor oversight or a more significant mistake, RATE acknowledges the importance of reflection, learning, and ensuring such mistakes aren’t repeated. With Brisbane’s bustling streets and ever-changing traffic scenarios, understanding the essence of safe driving becomes paramount. 

Not only does this course educate participants about safer driving habits, but it also serves as a demonstration of one’s commitment to change. Completing the RATE Program shows the courts that you’re dedicated to becoming a more responsible driver, thereby potentially aiding in reducing penalties or ensuring the retention of your licence.

  • Upon course completion, proof will be provided for court presentation.
  • Competitively Priced at $225.00

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How Does This Defensive Driving
Course Benefit Brisbane Drivers?

The RATE Program is an online defensive driving course designed for drivers who might have had a momentary lapse while on the road. Spanning over 5 hours, it is structured to offer flexibility, allowing learners to proceed at their pace. 

The course, segmented into three primary video modules, delves deep into pivotal driving safety tactics, offering insights into refining one’s driving habits and comprehending the principles of road safety.

Why Brisbane Drivers Trust RATE Program

Educational Insight: Grasp defensive driving techniques tailored for Brisbane’s distinct road challenges, ensuring you’re prepared for any driving scenario.

Convenience: As an online module, it can be accessed from the solace of your home, or any location of your choosing, at any time you find suitable.

Court Recognition: If you’re on the way to a courtroom due to a traffic misstep, finishing the RATE Program can considerably sway judgments in your favour. It acts as a potent emblem of your commitment to change and your vow to uphold safer driving practices.

Affordability: Priced at a modest $225.00, it’s a judicious investment safeguarding your driving journey in Brisbane.

Support: Beyond the course’s confines, RATE can extend aid with upcoming court appearances pertaining to driver education, and can also guide you to legal professionals if required.

Enrol and Complete the Defensive
Driving Course

With simple steps, this defensive driving course can potentially assist in negating traffic citations, preserving pristine driving records, and ensuring auto insurance premiums remain unaffected.

Step 1: Register for Rate Program

Step 2: Submit your verification documents

Step 3: Make Payment

Step 4: Complete your course

Step 5: Give your certificate of completion to your lawyer/the court

Choosing the Road and Traffic Education Program is your roadmap to becoming a more adept driver in Brisbane.

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