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About RATE Program

The RATE Program helps drivers to become safer and more responsible on the road. This defensive driving course helps all types of drivers, from those seeking to correct past mistakes on the road to learners aiming to start their driving journey on the right foot. 

Whether you’re working through the consequences of a traffic offence or you’re a new driver keen on adopting safe driving practices from the beginning, our course offers the tools and knowledge to foster responsible driving habits and enhance road safety for everyone.

By choosing the RATE Program, participants showcase their dedication to positive change. Our online platform makes learning accessible and effective, guiding you back to driving with confidence and caution. Through our course, offer a second chance to those willing to take it, reinforcing the idea that being behind the wheel is a privilege that comes with significant responsibilities.

Newer Drivers


The RATE Program supports learner drivers by laying a foundation in driving safety principles, crucial for development into skilled, responsible motorists. 

It teaches the importance of good driving habits, combining practical advice with real-world scenarios to emphasise the dangers of unsafe driving. The program covers essential safety topics, such as road signs, traffic navigation, speed management, and driving in various conditions. Beyond technical skills, the RATE Program fosters a safety-first mindset, teaching learners to prioritise safety and be mindful of their responsibilities toward others. 

Provisional Drivers

The RATE Program helps P-Platers adjust to unsupervised driving by offering advanced safety tips and techniques tailored to their unique challenges, such as overconfidence, peer pressure, and limited experience. 

Focusing on defensive driving, hazard perception, and decision-making, the program reinforces good habits and mitigates risky behaviours. It also covers the psychological aspects of driving, emphasising the importance of maintaining awareness, managing distractions, and understanding the consequences of risky actions.

Reflective Drivers

Drink Drivers

The RATE Program helps drivers who have been convicted of drink driving offences, focusing on rehabilitation and the prevention of repeat offences through comprehensive education. This course may highlight the critical aspects of alcohol’s impact on driving abilities, judgement, and the broader implications for road safety. Through detailed modules, we explore the physiological effects of alcohol, legal thresholds, and the severe risks associated with impaired driving.

Completing the RATE Program can positively impact legal outcomes for drink driving offenders, showcasing their commitment to safer driving. 

Traffic Offenders

The RATE Program can help individuals with traffic violations by focusing on education about the consequences of actions for personal and community safety. It combines legal education with practical driving tips, using engaging content to highlight the risks and repercussions of offences like speeding or mobile phone use. The program highlights the importance of behavioural change and defensive driving to prevent future violations, illustrating how adherence to traffic laws enhances safety. 

Completing the RATE Program can positively impact legal outcomes for traffic offenders, showcasing their commitment to safer driving.

Proactive Drivers

Voluntary Participants

The RATE Program welcomes both drivers looking to reflect on previous incidents and voluntary participants who hope to avoid potential incidents in future. Voluntary enrollment demonstrates a commitment to exceeding safety standards, appealing to a wide range of drivers seeking to enhance their skills. Benefits include improved safety knowledge, potentially reduced accident risk, personal growth, and setting a positive example. 


The RATE Program helps professional drivers surpass safety and reliability standards through advanced safety techniques, risk management skills, and regulatory compliance education. It caters to the challenges of professional driving, such as long hours and complex traffic, by teaching how to navigate these safely. By participating, professional drivers not only improve their own skills but also contribute to a higher safety standard in the profession.

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